Sierra Team

Joshua C Bautista


President & broker. Engaged to Beautiful aka Charlotte. New father to Zachary Paul Bautista. Avid hiker. 21 year rugby vet. San Diego State alumni.

Coney Ramirez


Ops manager. A housewife to a loving husband and mother to a 9 year old daughter who I adore so much. Loves to cook and a servant in a Catholic community.

Janice Malaga


Ops admin. Self proclaimed dancer and singer. Mom to two beautiful angels. Married to a hunk.  Currently working on having quintuplets.

Jay Olande

Jay Olande

Ops admin. Globetrotter. Always on the go. A church rat who sings baritone. A crab and a tiger. A symphony member and a Filipino.

Joy Estabillo


Monies bookkeeper. Proud single mother to 2 beautiful kids. Enjoys strolls on the beach, traveling around the world and singing like a professional singer. Just kidding!

Roger Denton


Broker assistant. Father. Family man. 

Charlotte Lambert


Marketing director. Mother of 2 wonderful children.

Zachary Bautista


Future Sierra broker.

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